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Alpines fractales

4 precut postcards leaflet / project realised at Fondation Pilar i Joan Miro a Mallorca
edition of 50 prints + 4 E.A.
11,5×16,5cm / 11,5cmx66cm unfolded / 2014 +
Real postcards of fake mountains, created with a scenery generator program, using a fractal algorithm dedicated to create alpine massifs. The images generated – going from a very classic mountain landscape to hills more strangely formed – are printed with a random pronounced thread, accentuating the artificial aspect of these landscapes. x


1 etching and 6 etchings-collages realized mixing the prints of 3 copper plates
intaglio mixed technics, printing, cutting and pasting, 60x80cm / 2014

Dans mes petits papiers

Series of 10 etchings
etching and dry point
19X15cm / 2006-2009

Fata Morgana

Series of 24 etching-collages realized mixing the prints of 4 copper plates, intaglio mixed tecnics.
Printing on Zerkall, cutting and pasting on Sommerset / 65x50cm / 2013
Unique proofs / here auxilliary merchandising +
Project realized after a residency at Upernavik in Greenland. The series mixes the 4 etchings following a regular pattern showing the 24 possible combinations. The work of cutting and pasting that occurs after printing transforms totally the original image. After that deconstruction/reconstruction process, each etching-collage includes some of the 4 initial landscapes, all similars but all uniques. x

Les Cailloux

Series of 16 etching on copper, dry-point and etching, printed on japanese paper
Edition of 16 : 8 of each plate size 12x14cm / edition of the whole plates changing the order each print, 69X69cm

Les Flotteurs

silkscreen and dry-point on plexiglas
100X70cm / 2010

Les Produits Dérivés

Autoproduced objects made from engraving works applied on traditional merchandising materials.
Copper Engraving and stamp printed on T-shirts / Badges realized with fragments from original prints.
Limited series, handmade and hand-numbered +
T-shirts : Woman and Man style, Sizes S-M-L-XL, 100% organic coton / 2015.
Badges : 25mm et 38 mm / 2015 x

Les Noyés / Thérèse Raquin

Series of 5 engravings / etching and chine-collé with watercolor highlight
38X57cm / 2005

Les Produits Dérivés 1

Autoproduced objects realized with engravings applied on traditional merchandising materials.
Badges realized with fragments from original prints
Limited series, handmade and hand-numbered / 25mm et 38 mm / 2015

Les Produits Dérivés 2

Autoproduced objects made from engraving works applied on traditional merchandising materials.
Copper Engraving and stamp printed on T-shirts (Woman and Man style)
Limited series, handmade and hand-numbered / Sizes S-M-L-XL, 100% organic cotton

Les Reliques

series of 4 engraving on copper, dry point y etching
30X30cm / 2010

Les Rideaux

Series of 5 engraving, dry point on cut aluminium
56×32,5cm / 2011


4 copper engraving (aquatint mezzotinto) / bleed printing on paper Hahnemülhe 300g
Nubes 2: edition of 36 + 3 A.P. / Nubes 1, 3, 4 : edition de 12 + 1 A.P.
50x65cm / 2011 +
Projet conçu dans le cadre d’une résidence artistique à Fuendetodos faisant partie du programme hito – turismo creativo en los pirineos, projet soutenu par la Communauté de Travail des Pyrénées dans le cadre du programme de coopération transfrontalière Espagne – France – Andorre. Il reçoit également le soutien des Ministères français de la Culture et de la Communication, et de l’Éducation nationale, de la Jeunesse et de la Vie associative. Il est porté par le Gouvernement d’Aragon, l’Usine – lieu conventionné dédié aux arts de la rue, Tournefeuille/Grand Toulouse, et les Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes. x


3 copper engraving (etching and aquatint mezzotinto ) and 1 embossing / bleed printing on paper Hahnemülhe 350g
edition de 12 + 4 A.P.
50x65cm / 2012 +
The nudos serie responds to the Nubes, realized in same size, with same technique (mezzotinto). The first part of the work was to create some images of knots with a dedicated software : mathematic knots generated by algorithm in a random and repetitiv way. Then choose and use part of this numeric production as raw material for engraving work. This process of reinterpretation including a certain gap with the reference model, purely mathematic : handmade images, with hand-crafted process, therefore imperfects. x


4 copper engraving (mixed technics of engraving) printed on japanese paper Kanoko and pasted on Laurier
Edition of 12
70x70cm et 90x70cm / 2010

Série Lunaire 1

Series of 6 héliogravures, made from 3D virtual landscapes
Iridescent chine collé on BFK Rives paper
Edition of 20 exemplaires, 30x40cm, 2016

Série Lunaire 2

Series of 4 virtual landscapes achieved in 3D adapted on 4 different colored backgrounds (Gradient / Phosphorescent / Gold / CMYK)
edition of 10-15 prints + 1/2 E.A. according to each variation
silkscreens on paper, 21x26cm, 2016


Series of 20 collages
Intaglio (acid wash drawing), printing on simili-japanese paper, cutting and pasting on Fabriano Tiepolo / 70x50cm / 2017
Unique proofs